I once saw a lady answer this way:

She said that if she didn’t dress herself beautifully, then her husband would surely like to look at other women, and in time he would stop looking at me and start to loathe her.

If she dresses herself beautifully, then many people will like to look at me, and then her husband will be afraid of losing me.

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I agree with her that women must dress up beautifully, but I don’t agree that women must dress up to please men.

In response to the notion that a woman dresses up to please a man, it was also said in a program:

One of the male guests said, “Don’t you girls dress up for men?”

And a female guest retorted, “Women dress up for themselves.”

Then someone asked, “Why do you girls always like to buy and buy and buy and buy lipstick and perfume and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy and buy. The man stated that he could not afford the woman’s demands at all.

The female guest went on to say:

“You are glad that your girlfriend only needs lipstick and these worthless things, if she likes watches and cars, you don’t know where to cry.

It’s true, lipstick is really insignificant compared to a watch, not even comparable. A lipstick is more than a thousand, a car is tens of thousands.

The fact is that a woman who dresses herself clean and beautifully is the best way to respect herself and the people in her life and around her.

Not everyone wants to go face to face with people who have dirty hair and smell of grease.

And in real life, you will find that people like to spend time with people who have a good image, no one will hate a beautiful person or thing.

It is also an indisputable fact that there are beautiful and unattractive women.

When she hears someone praising her for being beautiful, whether it comes from the heart or from the mouth, a woman’s heart will be blown away if someone says she is beautiful.

I believe that women who have had the experience of job hunting should know that in the major recruitment requirements will be written on the image of good temperament is preferred.

So dress up this item is to give us extra points, no matter what time to remember your image to be greater than or higher than your ability.

You have excellent ability, but you are a home life dress to tell others, who believe ah?

Since you have the ability, why not let your image also match your ability?

It is often said that a woman who loves to smile will have good luck, so a woman who loves beauty will not have bad luck.

People are attracted to each other, beautiful beautiful things it will attract beautiful people;

By the same token, an ugly thing attracted by something is no better.

Someone said

Women over twenty-five no longer talk about youth, over thirty-five no longer talk about young, over forty, no matter how flowery once, no longer talk about posture. But we can always talk about beauty.
Make yourself beautiful, make your figure better. It’s not really about pleasing others at all.

Because your whole life others can’t be involved in it, and it’s not really possible to change your whole life because of one word from someone else.

Sisters, please take yourself seriously and love yourself! Common Encouragement!

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