Do you understand your temperament type and adapted style?

When does the first impression begin?

How do you present yourself confidently and professionally in any situation?

What are the “elements” on which others base their judgment of your personality?

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What is personal image?

It’s a vehicle, a role, a commodity, a personal and exclusive brand.

Representing your personal brand, creating a professional personal image can make your brand more valuable.

Want to make the appearance worthy of your upgrading brain and pattern?

Want others to feel your professionalism straight away?

Then you need to create a personal image business card for yourself!

Knowing how to dress is the first rule of a sophisticated woman, and she is halfway to success in life.

Dressing, age, state of life, etc. can not prevent a woman from exuding charm, to maintain the exquisite and beautiful!

However, despite this, many women still face a lot of problems when it comes to dressing:

Don’t know what style they are suitable for;

Don’t know what they should really buy;

A lot of clothes, do not know how to match into a set;

Always wear those loose and comfortable clothes?


The main thing is how to wear are earth, fat, old, no temperament?

In fact, wear out temperament is not difficult, as long as the mastery of two key points: selection + ride !

How to choose

NO.1 Choose according to the occasion

If it’s a workplace, a slightly more formal outfit is a good choice.

For example, a blazer.

If you want to add a touch of style, go for a checkered/bright colored blazer and pair it with slacks or a dress.

NO.2 Choose according to your own body characteristics

  1. Choose the clothes that show your figure

Through the clothing to reveal their own advantages, waist, waist, leg details show legs, collarbone good-looking clothes can be selected through the V-neck or a neckline to reveal the beautiful collarbone.

2.Choose the “cover” of the clothes

If you have thick legs, you can choose wide-legged pants, long skirts, and short jackets to adjust the upper and lower ratios. The waistline is not obvious can choose to waist clothing to create X-shaped body.

NO.3 Choose according to your own character

In the final analysis, clothes are for yourself, in line with your own personality and aesthetics, you like is the most important.

NO.4 Choose more basic clothes that are your treasure.

There is no end to the popularity of clothing, countless clothing designers in the day after day to create a fashion, the new popularity is not exhaustive.

But some basic clothing never go out of fashion, such as knee-length skirts, pants, white shirts …… These are “clothing evergreen”, everlasting, even 10 years will not be out of fashion.

These clothes are the “treasure of the town” of your closet.

Not only do they look good, but they also last a long time, so they’re definitely worth it.


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