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“The world is missing women, at least five parts of beauty, six parts of tenderness, seven parts of love and eight parts of strength.”

Women, gather too many elements of beauty.

Time will eventually pass, and the years will eventually replace a woman’s years and looks with wrinkles. Some women feel sorry for themselves because of this, while others, however, choose to treat life with a different attitude.

As a woman, we often envision what kind of person we should become, such as we hope to be as beautiful as Hepburn, or as successful as Madame Curie. But does happiness for women have to be linked to beauty and success?


Audrey Hepburn an eternally charismatic woman.

Although Hepburn had two failed marriages, had three fruitless relationships. Emotionally unsuccessful coupled with the chaos of the entertainment industry, many actresses like her in their later years will be drug abuse, mental anomalies, suicide and other problems.

But Hepburn’s mental health is very healthy , she is positive and optimistic, beautiful and elegant, in addition, but also very loving.

Like Hepburn such elegant and charming woman, she is with the growth of age, the more things encountered, the richer the experience, slowly and naturally presents a charm.

Moreover, the term “elegance” is very abstract and requires both internal and external qualities.

Improving one’s taste through clothing, dress, personal items, etc. is a woman’s outer appearance; while the precipitation of practice and experience is a reflection of a woman’s inner self, both together to improve themselves, so that elegance can naturally emanate.

There is a passage in a book that discusses this:

“This social meaning of dressing allows a woman to express her attitude towards society through the way she dresses; giving herself a discreetly elegant personality;

It can also produce many subtle distinctions:

She is shown to be fragile, innocent, mysterious, honest, serious, fastidious, dignified, somewhat daring, or modest, according to her choice.

Or, on the contrary, she goes about rejecting clichés through her own newness.”

Simply put: the way you look, is the way your soul looks!

There is a saying that whether a woman is young or not has nothing to do with her age, but mainly depends on her mindset. Age is not a problem, mentality is the key to determine the state.

That’s right, this is the problem of the mindset, some women are young and lazy, no dreams, do not love life, boredom consumes time, waiting for old age, waiting for good things to happen, and finally is more and more decadent.

While some women are full of positive power, feel that time is not enough, want to make their own balanced development in all aspects, rational arrangement of time, want to make their own efficient learning, efficient life.

As you can imagine, the final state is different.

There is a saying: whether you go to France or not, you should live like a French woman.

In the streets of France, there are little girls with pigtails and flowery dresses; there are mature women in their 30s wearing sheath dresses and stepping on high heels; and there are also many old ladies with silver hair and lipstick.

They love to dress up no matter what age, they will not give up on themselves, they never feel old, they are fearless of age, beautiful to old age.

French women, is all women want to become – live a delicate, lazy, spontaneous; do not deliberately to please anyone, it seems that everything is lightweight, as if always living in the rhythm of unhurried and elegant. Whether 20, 40, or 80 years old have always remained elegant and beautiful.

There are a lot of women, before and after the marriage is like two people, before marriage is always in the front of the fashion; after marriage is no longer pay attention to their own image, but also no longer dress up their own, dress has become casual, hairstyle is also always the same, skin care products is only face wash.

The reason why women have such a transformation, most of them are affected by age. In fact, we should be like French women, no matter what age, beauty is king.

A woman of any age should be as beautiful as she should be at that age. Create a memorable and good image for yourself.

Good clothing can create a memorable good image for you as well as enhance your temperament and appearance charm. Wide reading and rich life experience can enhance your inner temperament and make your hands and feet gorgeous.

When you are beautiful inside and out, you can always live in calmness and stability, and when you have a certainty in your heart, you will no longer be afraid of the passage of time.


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