Firstly, floral prints convey a sense of freshness and romance, therefore, they tend to embody femininity and even a little bit of youthful innocence.

When choosing or pairing floral pieces, it’s imperative to keep a solid grip on the principle of ‘style balance’.


In addition, some may feel that they look dated when wearing floral clothes. This often boils down to two reasons. First, the dated look might not be due to the floral print, but your hairstyle which is either too rigid or flat to your scalp. Secondly, your floral outfit may be too well-fitted, or the length of your skirt might be too short, resulting in overly feminized and thus appearing tacky. In such scenarios, the task would be to rely on shoes, bags, and accessories to restore style balance.What type of shoes should be paired with floral items? 

  • Consider ballet flats or kitten heels. They lend a light, elegant and slightly mature undertone to the style.

The heel of the shoe shouldn’t be too high as excessive heel height can create aggressiveness, add to a perception of age, and most importantly, it may potentially disrupt the freshness of the small floral outfit.If you’re concerned about feeling cold, you could wear stockings.

Pairing with Mary Jane shoes can make you look particularly gentle, well-behaved, and emit a youthful vibe.

  • Pairing with simple sandals or Roman sandals.

Pairing with small floral prints and thong sandals presents a daily style, while teaming up small floral prints with Roman sandals brings out a holiday vibe.

  • Pairing with ankle boots for a style that’s both neat and gentle.

Opting for V-cut ankle boots or sock boots gives a slimming effect.

  • Pairing with loafers or oxford shoes impart a youthful, vintage, and artistic feel. 

If you opt for black loafers with mid-calf length socks, it resembles the effect of sock boots, but more age-reducing.

  • Wearing riding boots.

During the cold autumn and winter seasons, we can opt for fashionable long boots or over-the-knee boots. Not only do these protect your legs from the low temperatures, but they also enhance the overall fashion sense of your outfit. Classic colors like black, brown, and gray paired with floral dresses exude a warm and elegant feeling.

  • Pairing a floral dress with sneakers or canvas shoes is a common combination found in Japanese and Korean styles. It’s refreshing, youthful, very suitable for daily wear, and has a strong affinity.

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