Many people mistakenly think that as long as the body is good, it’s okay to wear clothes that don’t pay attention to, this idea is extremely wrong! For a woman’s image, elegant dress and figure, appearance is equally important, if empty good figure and do not pay attention to collocation, the original elegant temperament will also be pulled down for no reason. Winter clothing itself is relatively easy to show bloated, we have put on the pants, the following wear pants “3 to 3 do not”, see how many sisters stepped in the pit and do not know.


Match the boots, to loose not tight

In winter, women love to wear shoes are not boots, warm and fashionable, but how to wear more model? Matching the wrong demonstration is tight on tight. The whole body tight matching will destroy the whole set of matching idle aura, and will even make the good figure of the woman looks also uncoordinated.

When matched with boots, the pant legs need to be gathered inside the boots, but it doesn’t mean that the tighter the pants, the better, if the leg shape is not straight, it will be more of a disadvantage.

Long pants can be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing if you loosen the leg of the pants and leave some room for movement around the knees.

Wearing the right pants is not enough, the boots with the same important, wear pants more recommended to choose the material of the style is strong.

With flats, you want variety, not stagnation.

Compared to boots, flats have the advantage of being very malleable and can easily blend in with all kinds of styles, so we can change the pants to enhance the texture of the outfit.

It should be noted that the combination of versatile wide-legged pants and flats is actually not so good to wear, if the wide-legged pants are too long, the pants are too wide, will cause to dress dull.

Carrot pants that are loose at the top and tight at the bottom are a great choice, they hide lower body figure flaws perfectly and are very friendly to pear shaped figures.

Legs curved, or calves thick sisters can choose micro pants, micro pants legs can not be too long, it is best to control a little below the ankle, elegant and high and thin.

Match the short boots, to be sharp and not dragging

Short boots are better than long boots in terms of practicality, long pants and short boots seem to complement each other, but to wear colorful, sharp sense is the key that many sisters ignore.

There are two things to keep in mind when selecting short boots:

The first is the boot shaft. Boots hanging loosely on the calf, this style is very inconsistent with our selection principles, and long pants with no air, such as the ankle boots that fit the ankle is preferred with long pants.

Next is the toe of the shoe. If you want to enhance the sharpness of your look, it is recommended that you choose more of the two types of toes: pointed or square.

Want to enhance the sense of contrast between the pants and boots, if you want to consider more color matching, do not have to force to comply with the lower half of the smooth color matching scheme, you can choose different colors of pants, such as dark navy blue, brown curry, or light beige, khaki, these are versatile and not wrong trouser choices.

A good body is undoubtedly a plus for a woman’s elegant image, but no one’s body is perfect, and only those women who know how to show themselves and how to find their own beauty can fully play the infinite charm.

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