“Supermodel body” “star with the same model” …… In many people’s aesthetics, thin is the best body to dress, which also makes many women have clamored to lose weight, although the good body has a natural advantage, but does not mean that the microfat has meat can not wear good-looking it? Women dress not only to have temperament, but more importantly, show body, show waist section, the microfat body also wear out thin effect. And microfat women want to dress thin, in fact, focus on mastering dressing skills. Learn these 3 points of law, so you say goodbye to microfat, fashionable and thin!

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Treadmill styles

Overly loose clothing

A lot of slightly fat sisters think, loose clothing can cover up all the flab, but also can wear out the oversize feeling, very fashionable, but the actual is not so. Loose clothes can indeed cover up the body’s flab, but visually it gives a person to bring the effect of bias horizontal wide, not only no thin effect, but more exposed to the shortcomings of their own chubby. Chubby body was meat more, if then wear loose, no waist thin and tighten the position, the whole person looks like a mobile “mountain”.

Tight pants

Tight pants, is always more popular pants, but at the same time is also a very test of the body of the pants, it seems to be thin, but it is very difficult to wear, especially easy to wear a bloated awkward feeling. For the microfat body, especially the legs are relatively fat sisters, tight pants worn on the body simply can not wear any sense of beauty, will also expose the weakness of thick legs. The body proportion is not perfect, tight pants on the body is directly worn into the “earth fat round”.

The 3-point rule for slimming a slightly chubby figure

  • Proper skin exposure

For those who are not confident about the body, it is easy to inferiority complex of the chubby girls, in fact, want to be thin and not difficult, as long as the “dew” on the place can be. You can choose a solid color design simple, have version, fabric is relatively hard tops, appropriate to reveal the collarbone or body more slender parts, you can easily create a high-level small fashion.

  • Wear more V-necks.

Sisters in the microfat dress with the most critical is to hide meat, so that people can not see where you fat. V-neck tops or dresses, neckline open large, on the one hand, breathable fashion, on the other hand, because of the vertical division line. There is a visual elongation effect, which can reduce the upper body of the bloated feeling.

  • Create a waistline

Want to be thin, slim waist curve is must be utilized. With a belt to strangle the waist, not only to clarify the proportion of the upper and lower body, but also to modify the waist of the curves, and the position of the belt can be adjusted up and down, tied in the waist a little higher and the most thin position, not only show the length of the legs can also try to highlight the thin waist, thin effect is also better.

Find the right body, “show” the advantage, thin and temperament! For microfat women, we must correctly recognize themselves, everyone is very ordinary, there is no perfect body, so do not feel inferior because of the body more than a little bit of meat, but first to understand their own body characteristics, and then adjust.


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