Not every woman is fortunate enough to have a good figure, and especially those who reach the golden ratio are few and far between.

I believe that many sisters are not satisfied with their own body.

For example, the shoulder width back thick girls, the blouse selection is not right, shoulder width ten times. How should I dress in summer?

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Today I share three tricks to help you find thin tops.

Choose a large neckline over a small one, and a V over a round one.

The neckline of the blouse must be bigger rather than smaller, the bigger the neckline it, the smaller the face looks, the smaller the head, and at the same time the shoulders will look narrower.

The best choice for slimming is V-neck and U-neck.

V-neck can be very good to reveal the beautiful collarbone line, can be visually extended vertically, lengthening your neck line, the visual illusion will further weaken the shoulders and rich bag of the sense of stoutness.

V-neck and U-neck tops can be paired with a simple bustier skirt to look both slimming and feminine.

Shoulder line choose correct shoulder, not drop shoulder

Shoulder broad back thick sister paper choose tops, pay attention to the choice of shoulder line.

Shoulder line to choose the correct shoulder, must not choose the drop shoulder design, because the drop shoulder will further extend the width of the shoulder from the visual, will be originally wide shoulders appear wider.

Positive shoulders are just the right amount of shoulder width to fix the problem and can optimize our head-to-body ratio. Unexpectedly, choosing a design with a pronounced shoulder line is more slimming than a design without a shoulder line.

What girls with broad shoulders and thick backs must refuse is a neckline, horizontal large neckline.

Don’t wear long clothes, don’t wear short clothes, don’t wear simple clothes, don’t wear complicated clothes.

  • Wear long not short.

Shoulder wide back thick girls top styles, you can choose appropriate on the long side. Choose to wear long appropriately to reduce the sense of weight of the upper body.

Never wear shorter tops because the shorter the shirt is, the wider it appears horizontally, and it makes your back look thicker and your upper body fatter.

  • Wear simplicity not complexity.

Keep your top style choices minimal and clean, avoid tops that are overly designed, and shun tops that amplify your shoulders such as bubble sleeves, lantern sleeves, and shoulder pads; it will only add to your shoulder width.

Have you learned the above three tips for sisters with broad shoulders and thick backs?


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