How to wear a sense of high class?

Why is it that some people wear the same clothes in a sophisticated and high-class way, while others wear them in a rustic way?

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Why can’t you escape the cheapness and sophistication of a well-dressed outfit?

Obviously carefully dressed, you still can not escape from the clothes show cheap “exquisite soil” you must be doing these three things wrong.

Why do you always look cheap?

  • single product overdesign, mix and match elements are numerous.

Choosing a single product with too many design elements and too many mixed elements will make people dazzled and unfocused.

For example:

The small dress in the court style in the picture below.

Clothing fabric texture sense + lace bubble sleeve design + stand-up collar + chest see-through + gold-plated inlaid emerald buttons;

The whole will look cumbersome and tired.

There is also the bubble gauze textured fabric in the picture below + large bow under the large collar + small ruffles through the cake skirt + small ruffles on the cuffs + scattered small flowers, the single product alone is “sweet and delicate”.

It is paired with the same complicated faux pearl shoulder bag.

If all the design elements are stacked and matched together, the overall outfit is a typical one.

The overall outfit is a typical well-dressed sophisticated earth.

Too many “sophisticated girls” are easily attracted to lace, see-through yarn, lace, ruffles, bows and other such designs.

However, the reason why a lot of clothes tend to reveal a sense of cheapness is probably because of these items.

  • mix and match too much, too many accessories and colors.

Mix and match stacked wear is the secret to enhance the sense of fashion, exquisite Saturn people are very easy to mix and match on the over-exertion.

Color, accessories too much, the wrong fancy equal mix and match wind, on to the hair down to the toenails, every inch reveals the word “hard”.

Plaid tweed gradient blue small perfume wind jacket with pleated design irregular shirt, stacked wear long pearl chain and neck chain, under the black and white irregular design metal buckle boots, and then take a pearl handbag, chestnut hair color + thick coated red lips …

Although there are the same color and accessories with the same material with ideas, but only because of too much force, too much.

Harmonious accessories can create a certain sense of atmosphere and enhance the overall wear senior sense, but too many accessories will greatly reduce the taste.

The same is true for makeup, excessive color accumulation will greatly reduce one’s taste.

  • design style conflict.

People will be remembered only if they have personality, and objects are more likely to be found only if they have characteristics.

However, wear between the single product, if there is an obvious style and feature conflict, it will destroy the overall wear texture, the impression may be weird, cheap, no sense of seniority.

For example.

You wear a professional outfit with a casual bag.

Or wearing a casual sportswear, carrying a professional bag, or to attend a cocktail party wearing a dress.

Or attend a cocktail party wearing a dress, carrying a tote bag ……

All of these styles do not match the wear, will produce incongruous cheap feeling, let your sense of senior no longer exist.

There is another kind of dressing that doesn’t match your own style.

For example, many people make the mistake of wearing all of their favorites without knowing the trade-offs.

Of course, a person who wears clothing that does not fit their temperament characteristics at all is also the same oh! For example, the sweet style for both men and women.

How to Dress for Sophistication: Tips for Achieving an Elegant Look

If you want to ditch the cheapness and refined earthiness, you need to elevate the sense of sophistication!

  1. Learn to subtract

Remember that one of the underlying logics of fine dressing is subtraction.

But you can’t subtract texture, and you can’t subtract layers.

Because, your image goes before your ability.

So, how does a woman dress with subtraction to wear a sense of seniority?

First of all, less is more.

The color should not be too much, because the colorful one wear is very cheap.

Design elements should not be too much, because a lot of dazzling, no texture.

The number of accessories is even less

If your earrings are particularly complicated, you remove the upper body decoration and make the earrings the focus;

If your necklace is particularly exaggerated, you remove the earrings, and you can choose a small earbone clip or earrings to echo with it is ok.

In short, all over, it’s just better to have less than more.

  1. Harmony

The second element of high-level texture, is harmony, refers to the material of your clothing and accessories, the whole body style, with the use of color and other harmony.

Even your earrings, your ring, including your belt, including other accessories and other details.

For example:

Shoes on some decorative buckle, as far as possible, the same material, the same color or echo color, gold on gold, gray on gray, black on black. Often the details determine the texture of the final presentation.

In short, you just need to be able to achieve consistency in style, material, and color. With overall harmony, you’ll get the premium look you’re looking for.

  1. Not chasing trends

The third one is not to pursue trends excessively.

Must remember, trend ≠ style, trend is only short-term popular elements, their own style is the long-lived wear trend.

For example:

Now is very popular girls wind, oversize, colorful small floral dress and so on this kind of wear.

Popularity is a moment, style is eternal, all the classic are simple and advanced.

As much as possible to choose some classic simple basic style, because simple style withstand the precipitation of time, but also because of some different styles, materials, accessories, let a person feel new!

Level Up Your Style: Tips for Sophisticated Dressing

Pieces: light on color, heavy on tailoring

The mix: a complementary balance of neutral and feminine pieces

Accessories: strong geometric lines

Match to realm, at least the first to start from the harmony, in line with their own style, to coordinate with their own hairstyle, face shape, body type, accessories to blend with the wear, to avoid the cheap feeling, wear a sense of seniority.

Get rid of cheapness, no more sophisticated earth, and always remember this:

Clean is more important than fashionable, and harmony is more important than popularity.


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