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“Simple” Combination

The “combination of simple and complex” is really fashion, “complex + simple” actually refers to the use of elements rich in clothing and some solid-colored single product combination, in order to form a simple and complex integration of the picture, so that the modeling is more distinctive, but also able to maintain a certain rate of return, reduce the probability of collision.

The most common is to use solid colors with printed or patterned clothing, thus enhancing the overall coordination of the look. And one complex and one simple retains the simple and clean style of dressing, and the overall sense of layering.

“Wear long” not wear short

Once a woman is over 30, she can’t dress too casually, and the key point is not to show too much skin.

The key is not to show too much skin. Short tops or shorts that are not in keeping with your age and temperament need to be worn as little as possible.

On the contrary, 30 + women in the creation of wear, should try to choose long items, whether it is a skirt, or pants, can make wear decent and generous, but also can shape the image of elegance and atmosphere, looks very advanced.

Wear more wide-legged pants, cigarette pants, straight pants and other pants, you can modify the lack of leg shape, simple and atmospheric wear, can create a strong female aura, whether it is the workplace or daily are very suitable.

Short skirts are more youthful and playful, but along with the growth of women’s age, long skirts are the first choice for the majority of women to wear.

No matter what kind of style long skirt, wear on the body can make the female charm unlimited amplification, and more can show the female elegance and aura.

And long jacket for 30 + more women is also very friendly, choose to the calf belly above the length of the coat, not only the proportion of the body can play a good role in coordination.

At the same time the exposed calf part can also play a good visual emphasis on the effect, to prevent the proportion of the body by the long jacket all cover, effectively lengthened the woman’s legs, so that the overall body looks more slender.

In the fall morning and evening colder stage, the jacket can be very good use.

Create a “waistline”

Popular aesthetics, generally prefer to show high and thin collocation, and high waistline is to show high and exists, high waistline will make our visual center of gravity in the upper, give people below the waistline are legs feeling, in order to show high.

As the saying goes, “Dressing is a science of architecture, it’s not about height, it’s only about proportions”

The best way to improve the waistline is to use a belt.” The importance of a belt, and beauty and valiant women know, the key is simple and advanced, but also particularly high and thin.

Secondly, you can also make use of the small details of dressing. For example, choose some high-waisted pants or skirts, tuck the top into the pants or choose a short top, which can also visually improve the waistline.

There are also some tops and jumpsuits (dresses and jumpsuits) that come with a high waistline.

“Color Scheme” Simple and Clean

Fashion, no matter how it changes, more and more people still like to dress in a minimalist style, following simple basics in pursuit of simplicity and cleanliness, comfort and freshness.

The most classic is the blue and white color scheme, refreshing and fresh, if you are working, you may want to choose a blue shirt with a gray straight half-skirt, sensible and advanced, both elegant and competent.

If the whole body is wearing white is also too monotonous, want to wear simple and colorful, you can add a splash of color in white, not only can enhance the texture of the white single, but also in the simple wear add some layers.

For example, with white to match the low saturation color, avocado green, creamy apricot, taro purple, will not be very high-profile flamboyant, but also retains a clean and bright, gentle and refreshing color scheme, look very comfortable.

If you want to low-key texture, then you can choose the gentle Morandi color, reduce the saturation, low-key and not show off and very comfortable and eye-catching.

As well as can wear the same color clothing, because the color of the minimalist, will give a person a sense of silence and solemnity, comes with a sense of dignity, more likely to create a “sense of seniority” and aura.

There is no capital of natural beauty, but we have the ability to rewrite the destiny, every beautiful and excellent woman is able to find suitable for their own wear through efforts to create their own charm.


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