White coat is pure and beautiful, but extremely difficult to manage. The value of the requirements of the white coat, accidentally, you can let you ride out the price of cabbage, so how to match to ride out the high compulsion? Teach you a few tricks!

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White coat with colourless monochrome can never go wrong, and with grey, black will look more advanced. If the colour of the other accessories can echo each other, it will be more fashionable.

2. White coat + the same colour belt

White coat or fur, itself will show bloated, this time a belt of the same colour, not only can be thin but also improve the waistline, so you instantly exquisite.

Long grey and white coat with the same colour deep V knitwear is simply beautiful, with the hot high waisted wide-legged trousers, high and cavity full, shoes also choose hot white shoes, the whole LOOK is simply a capital chic!

Wide-legged trousers can be said to have a handful of must-have, stylish and thin, with a white coat is also very stylish. Coat with wide-legged trousers and high-heeled boots gas field full and do not lose spontaneity.

Blue foot jeans are very artistic, with a white coat is more clean and fresh, with the personality of the thick heel shoes, both sexy and cool ~ carry personality small bag, easy to play the trend.

A white coat with nude coloured items is also extremely beautiful. Of course, white would have been matchy-matchy. Just choose some of the softer matchy-matchy colours are more advanced, such as black and white and grey and nude, dark green and other low purity colours. White coat with nude high-waisted half skirt, with a very retro flavour of the thick heel shoes more fresh and elegant.

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